Yana Kamberov

Yana Kamberov is a developmental evolutionary biologist and a post-doc in the Sabeti lab. Yana is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania from which she received degrees in Biology and Anthropology, reflecting her deep-rooted interest in how evolution has shaped the human species. She subsequently attended the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program of Harvard Medical School where she discovered a target of the small molecule inhibitor of fibrosis and angiogenesis. Upon completing her doctorate in Cell and Developmental Biology, Yana decided to combine her expertise in molecular biology with her long-standing interest in anthropology. In this pursuit, she was fortunate to find a common interest with her post-doctoral advisors Clifford Tabin, an evolutionary and developmental biologist, Pardis Sabeti, a computational evolutionary biologist, Bruce Morgan, a developmental biologist specializing in ectodermal appendage development, and Daniel Lieberman, a human evolutionary biologist. Using an interdisciplinary approach, during her post-doc Yana has combined classical developmental biology with human population and computational genomics to understand the genetic mechanisms underlying the divergence of one of the most derived human organs, the skin.

yana_kamberov |at| student.hms.harvard.edu