Elinor Karlsson

Elinor Karlsson is the Sabeti's lab first post-doc and visual artist in residence. Half Swedish and half new zealand-ish, she hails originally from Rhode Island and has undergraduate degrees in both biochemistry and fine arts from Rice University in Houston, Texas. She recently completed her doctoral research into the genetic causes of diseases in purebred dogs (a collaborative project the Bioinformatics program at Boston University between the Broad Institute).

Elinor found genes for coat color, ridgeback, hairlessness and cancer - and acquired an absurd amount of trivia related to the 400 different breeds of dog, from the Australian Cattle Dog to the Yugoslavian Mountain Hound. In the Sabeti lab, Elinor now turns her attention to humans, working with Ilya Shlyakhter to find genes related to disease susceptibility in Bangladeshi populations, in part by applying new mapping methods she developed in dog.

When not working to save humans or their canine companions, Elinor paints and draws, and in the winter, cross-country skis. She lives with two very domesticated cats - and no dogs.