Andrew Tareila

Andy is the Sabeti lab’s lead IRB Coordinator and Compliance Officer. He graduated from Boston College in 2011 with a B.A. in English and having completed the premedical program. Andy spent his first post-graduation year working as a paralegal at a midsized law firm in downtown Boston. Missing the excitement of medical learning and science, however, he decided to return to the scientific world, and he began in the Sabeti lab during July of 2012. Andy’s interests in the lab include improving project efficiency, monitoring ethical compliance in global health, and all aspects of grants management, from application to post-award-period reporting. In addition, Andy is pursuing an independent project investigating the challenges and unmet needs in undertaking an infectious disease research program in developing countries. Andy hopes to transition from the lab to medical school in September 2014.

Outside of the lab, Andy enjoys a diverse schedule of various hobbies and curiosities. Passionate about fitness and its relationship with health, he dedicates much of his time to athletic training, nutrition strategies, and studying the human body at work. Also an avid musician, Andy enjoys playing his acoustic guitar for small audiences and writing songs in his spare time.