Daniel Park

Danny Park studies the evolution of antimalarial drug resistance in the P. falciparum parasite. His research is primarily focused on using selection and association tools to identify the adaptations used by the parasite to evade modern drugs and global eradication efforts. Prior to officially joining the lab as a graduate student, he spent four years at the Broad Institute as a software engineer, working with Pardis on the same malaria genomics projects.

Before working on malaria, Danny spent four years at a microarray core facility at MGH, working as a bioinformatic consultant on the design and analysis of expression experiments. His bachelor's and master's degrees are in computer science from MIT, where he developed software tools for in silico protein design in the Keating Lab.

When he's not working on malaria, he's probably with his wife: enjoying a walk through the city, watching some crime TV show, or helping out at his church in Arlington.